October 2014 Match Report


Sunday, 10th October 2014
Athletico Aesthetico [2] – S. Optimists [2] – NXI [1]

NXI came from behind in a tight second match to record the league’s first outright win of the season, putting them top of the fledgling league.

In a curious turn of events NXI started the match where they left off the previous one, in an alliance against Strategic Optimists, Atheltico Aesthetico proving more than willing to join in the attack even though nothing had been agreed beforehand.

However, if NXI and AA had expected this alliance of convenience to sweep SO aside they were to be sorely disappointed. Led by some superb goalkeeping from Mark Rainey, SO successfully repelled attempt after attempt from both NXI and AA players, and frustration festered into exasperation as the two teams toiled to breach the SO goal.

SO finally conceded, with NXI conceding next to leave AA with the only clean sheet in the match. With SO conceding again to put the score at 0-2-1, AA were feeling confident of securing the win. Instead though, the victory would end up going to NXI as two goals from leading scorer Laurence Galpin turned the tide, and the scoreline, in favour of the Cross.

[Editor’s note: this match report is noticeably short on details, and the accuracy of some of the facts is certainly in question. If anyone has any info to add please get in touch!]

October scoreboard


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