About NXI 3FC

New Cross Irregulars 3FC are a three-sided football team who play in the Deptford 3SF League.

New Cross Irregulars have been around since the beginnings of the three-sided football in south-east London. In those first games the New Cross line up would be constantly changing, as the team would be constructed from players who could not attend matches on a regular basis (which is where the club gets their “Irregulars” tag from), in contrast with the Deptford team whose squad remained largely unchanged from match to match. However, towards the end of the 2013-14 season Mark Dyson approached regular Deptford 3FC player Owen Proctor-Jackson about establishing New Cross Irregulars as a full 3SF team with a consistent squad of players to play in the 2014-15 season.

Over the summer of 2014 Proctor-Jackson set about building the club and recruiting a team, and by the end of the 2014-15 season New Cross Irregulars became the sport’s first league champions. Ironically, their success was partly due to the consistency of their squad.

New Cross Irregulars are keen to be an active part of the local community, through supporting and championing local organisations and causes, as demonstrated by our shirt ‘sponsors’ New Cross Learning, a volunteer-run community library just a few hundred meters down the road from where we play. We would love to hear from members of the local community who are interested in working with NXI 3FC via our contact page.


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