Match Photographers Needed

Auth: Roman Kiselev


You’ve been very kind in your praise for our match reports, but it’s clear you agree with us that they need more photos!

So, we’re looking for someone who would be interested in taking some photographs while we hurtle around the pitch. We play on the first Sunday of the month (next match 07 Dec) and we’d be happy for you to attend every month or just as and when you can. We can even supply a camera!

Anyone interested should get in touch with us either on Facebook, Twitter, or via email:



November 2014 Match Report

Novemeber in-match

Sunday, 2nd November 2014
Philosophy FC [4] – S. Optimists [4] – NXI [3]

A match that at one point looked like it would be overshadowed by squad limitations and grim weather blossomed into “one of the best 3SF matches in recent memory”, as NXI lost and ultimately regained the lead to remain at the top of the league.

The omens for NXI were not good. The lack of depth in their squad had been cruelly exposed as two players succumbed to injury and their top-scorer, Laurence ‘Goals’ Galpin, was out of town, leaving only two regular Irregulars on the team sheet as the first Sunday of November rolled around. With the weather seemingly finally realising autumn had arrived, it looked like the league leaders faced a decidedly gloomy afternoon.

However, as the rain relented and NXI secured a couple of last minute loan signings, it looked like a small sliver of fortune still favoured the team in orange.

The build-up to the match was also notable as Strategic Optimists finally unveiled their new strip. Created via a process that involved a lot of paint and seemingly little regard for order, each shirt is unique and the pride of the SO players was only matched by the admiration of players from other teams.

The makeshift NXI team made an impressive start to the match, with Deptford 3FC loanee Mark Dyson and 3SF debutant Khairil Hodgson both scoring against pre-season favourites Philosophy FC. Following a series of close chances for all three teams, Philosophy got themselves on the score sheet courtesy of a goal from Michael McCann against Strategic Optimists, leaving the score at the end of the first rotation 2-1-0 in favour of NXI.

Leading in a 3SF match is always something of a poisoned chalice, and so it proved for NXI. Under concerted pressure, NXI displayed some characteristically resilient defending to deny both opposition teams for much of the second rotation, aided by no small amount of luck as the frame of their goal was struck three times. Eventually though they would concede two very similar goals that highlighted one of the key challenges in defending a lead against two teams. As NXI players got caught between closing the ball down and tracking the run of another player, twice they chose the former and twice the ball was played behind them for the unmarked McCann to complete his hattrick. NXI struck back with a breakaway goal against Philosophy, finished by Owen Proctor-Jackson following some good interplay between himself and Hodgson, but ended the rotation conceding what would prove to be SO’s only goal of the match, but a goal which completed their poaching of the lead as they ended the second rotation on the right side of a 3-1-3 scoreline.

The start of the final third saw a fully formalised alliance between the two trailing teams, as NXI and Philosophy eschewed any opportunity to attack each other and instead lay siege to the SO goal. More resilient defending – this time from SO – was rewarded with more goals conceded, as McCann and Proctor-Jackson both added to their tallies for the day. This levelled the scores at 3-3-3, and despite a suggestion from some of the Philosophy players that it was now “every team for themselves” the red-orange alliance held long enough for McCann to score his fifth goal of the day against a deflated SO side.

It was now truly a shoot-out between players who moments ago had been teammates as NXI and Philosophy traded blows with SO offering willing support whenever the opportunity arose. It is fair to say that some blows struck harder than others, and Dyson demonstrated his commitment to his adopted team by suffering a ‘gentleman’s injury’ in order to prevent one particularly vicious strike. As full-time and a winning draw beckoned, NXI broke forward once again with Hodgson and Proctor-Jackson. As Proctor-Jackson brought the ball forward, Hodgson made a smart diagonal run from right to left, dragging the Philosophy defence with him and creating the space for Proctor-Jackson to sprint into the Philosophy penalty area and put the ball past the advancing ‘keeper, completing his own hattrick.

Although there was still time for Philosophy to launch a final campaign against the NXI goal in an attempt to salvage something from the day it would ultimately prove unsuccessful. The match ended 4-4-3, NXI securing their second win of the season and staying top of the league.

As the sun fell behind the surrounding buildings, players from all sides came together to shake hands and enthusiastically dissect a match that had been yet another fine example of the unique characteristics of the three-sided game.

Novemeber scoreboard

October 2014 Match Report


Sunday, 10th October 2014
Athletico Aesthetico [2] – S. Optimists [2] – NXI [1]

NXI came from behind in a tight second match to record the league’s first outright win of the season, putting them top of the fledgling league.

In a curious turn of events NXI started the match where they left off the previous one, in an alliance against Strategic Optimists, Atheltico Aesthetico proving more than willing to join in the attack even though nothing had been agreed beforehand.

However, if NXI and AA had expected this alliance of convenience to sweep SO aside they were to be sorely disappointed. Led by some superb goalkeeping from Mark Rainey, SO successfully repelled attempt after attempt from both NXI and AA players, and frustration festered into exasperation as the two teams toiled to breach the SO goal.

SO finally conceded, with NXI conceding next to leave AA with the only clean sheet in the match. With SO conceding again to put the score at 0-2-1, AA were feeling confident of securing the win. Instead though, the victory would end up going to NXI as two goals from leading scorer Laurence Galpin turned the tide, and the scoreline, in favour of the Cross.

[Editor’s note: this match report is noticeably short on details, and the accuracy of some of the facts is certainly in question. If anyone has any info to add please get in touch!]

October scoreboard

New Cross Inaugurals

Sunday, 7th September 2014
Deptford [2] – S. Optimists [3] – NXI [2]

Anticipation and excitement were in the air as players gathered for the opening game of the first fully-formalised Deptford 3SF League. Although many players had over two years of 3SF experience this would be the first time playing in a league structure, with fixed squads and results counting towards more than mere post-match bragging rights.

Before the season could start it had to be formed, and that meant fixtures. In an attempt to ensure a fair distribution, fixtures were to be allocated on a semi-random basis – a fixture list had already been drawn with letters a-f taking the place of team names, and before the first round of matches representatives from each team picked a letter out of a bag to seal the fate of their team. The full list of fixtures can be found here.

While each team was keen to pour over the newly formed fixture list that would have to wait, as it was straight on to the first round of matches! For New Cross Irregulars, this meant a tough match against league founders Deptford 3FC and relative newcomers Strategic Optimists.

The game started in traditionally tentative fashion – without a clear adversary at the beginning of 3SF matches, teams can often be reluctant to be too aggressive as they try to avoid upsetting the delicate diplomacy that informs a lot of 3SF gameplay. But first blood must be drawn, and the opening goal of the new season went to NXI’s Laurence Galpin, scored against Deptford 3FC. It would prove to be a prolific day for the NXI striker, and he quickly added to his tally with a second against D3FC and one against SO. With NXI’s goal enjoying a relatively untroubled third they went into the first break in the lead, with a score of 2-1-0.

As the match resumed, the NXI team were under no illusions as to what the second third would bring. Being in the lead in a 3SF match invariably invites pressure onto your goal as the opposing two teams look to restore parity, and so it proved once again D3FC and SO joining forces to lay siege to NXI’s goal. Despite some sterling defensive work from the entire NXI team, the pressure eventually told and they conceded three goals to SO players to end the second third in last place.

The final third started with SO keen to continue the alliance they had formed with D3FC, but for reasons that remain unclear the team in black proved more evasive, seemingly happy to follow play in whichever direction it flowed so long as it wasn’t toward their own goal. NXI sought to take advantage of this shift in dynamic and through a combination of opportunistic play and a frankly bizarre own goal the game was back level at 3-3-3. With the final whistle approaching there was still time for one more goal, inevitability scored by Galpin who collected the ball in front of a crowded SO area and showed excellent composure to slot the ball through the bodies and into the SO goal. Despite further chances against each team no more goals were scored and the game ended 3-4-3, with NXI 33FC and Deptford 3FC sharing a ‘winning draw’ (for further explanation of 3SF results see here).

As players shook hands and dragged their weary bodies from the pitch it was agreed it had been an excellent 3SF match with archetypal swings in momentum and numerous examples of deception and switches of play.

This was one match in a season of ten for NXI, and while the team were happy to come away with the winning draw there was definitely a sense that there had been a chance of an outright win and the team showed plenty of potential which they hoped to build on as the season progressed.

The other match of the first round also saw a winning draw, shared between Philosophy 3FC and Aesthtico Athletico, with Polscy Budowlancy suffering the defeat in a 2-2-3 scoreline.

Sep 14 Scoreboard

The next round of matches will be played on Sunday, 5 October, kicking off at 2pm.